Breaking News! Stationery Geek working alongside Father Christmas....

Breaking News! Stationery Geek working alongside Father Christmas....

Breaking News: Stationery Geek wins the Christmas letter contract for Father Christmas!

Here at stationery geek there’s nothing we love more than producing letters from none other than Father Christmas himself. Every year around October time we put in our tender for the official desk of Father Christmas and we are happy to say we have won the contract once again!

Every year Santa writes to the children all over the world that are on his "nice list" - he trusts us here at Stationery Geek to deal with the enormous amount of admin that comes with this task. We use his official Father Christmas branded letterheads and envelopes, and he has very strict guidelines as to what he expects the letters to include, as well as the quality and speed of distribution!

We will give you a little run down on what happens when a Father Christmas letter order is placed with us:

Firstly we are notified when an order comes in and we get authorisation from the elves to confirm that the child is on the nice list. We then process the letter with all the relevant information that only Santa can know, such as the childs' home town, their teachers name, the gift they would like for Christmas and so on. This is very confidential information so we have very strict security in the production department! The letter then goes in the post addressed directly to the child, including a gentle behavioural reminder if Santa deems it necessary!

As you can see there is a lot that goes on when an order is placed for a letter from the official desk of Father Christmas (in association with the Elves)!!!

This year we have also introduced an option to have a "baby / toddler" version of the letter, or an older child version (age 6 upwards, as a guide). Have a closer look, and order yours here!

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