About us

Stationery Geek came about through our own love of stationery, we are a design and print company based in York called Exactis Interactive Print, and Stationery Geek is our little baby!
Our team consists of Lucy (the crochet and yarn fanatic), Geri (the amazing illustrator), Olly (the super efficient lego crazy one) and Mel, (the new girl!) Here are our lovely faces:
Lucy  Geri  Olly  Mel
We have always loved the idea of designing and printing very bespoke products that can be purchased "off the shelf" so we started with My Diet Diary, then the Crochet book was born and so on and so forth.
We have a growing pile of products that we have developed in house, but we also design and print "on demand" - meaning that if you have an idea of what you'd like we can take your brief and make it a reality for you! Just email us your idea!
As well as all of our notebooks and pads and whatnot, we also do the "essentials" like business cards, letterheads, posters..... anything you need really! We do everything ourselves under one roof so we can maintain very competitive prices, and our speciality is a fast and efficient turnaround.
We'd all love to hear from you! xxxxx