Meet the Geeks

Meet the Geeks

So a lot of our customers will have spoken to either Mel or Lucy and some lucky ones may even have met us at one of our events. Here we are at the British Wool Show in Thirsk last summer!

Ever wanted to know more about the team behind all of our super stationery goodies? Here goes...


  • Lucy is our resident yarn and crochet fanatic!
  • She is a faithful Aldi shopper and loves to bag a bargain.
  • A committed football mum, at the weekend she can often be found watching her little lad at training or a match.
  • She feels a strong connection to men whose names start with "BR"... BRyan Adams, BRuce Springsteen, Russell BRand...
  • Claims to love camping - doesn't actually sleep in a tent and has been known to forget her clothes! (Hence our new Camping Journal)
  • Occasionally threatens violence towards radio presenters with annoying voices
  • Fundraiser extraordinaire - often roped into event planning!



  • Loves all things crafty but generally doesn't make the same (or even a similar) item more than once!
  • Often referred to as Mrs Goggins at work - would like to open and run a Post Office one day.
  • Has a reputation for being competitive on staff outings
  • Recently took over her daughter's Brownie unit to prevent it from closing down, now goes by the name "Hedgehog"
  • LOVES musicals and singing loudly in the car
  • Has a secret (not so secret) heater under her desk to keep cosy.
  • Often found sitting on the floor surrounded by work



  • The boss!
  • Plays golf and calls it "networking".
  • Often seen out and about in our trusty work van Jean Claude.
  • Cannot be trusted with choccies or biscuits - we have to hide them!
  • Loves running and raves about parkrun. Also participates in the Great Knaresborough Bed Race.
  • Is proficient at making woolly pom-poms.
  • Very tolerant - puts up with sharing an office with Lucy and Mel who he claims are like two naughty children at the back of a classroom!


  • Amazingly talented artist / illustrator - has her own mini gallery behind her desk
  • Loves to travel to new places and soak up the culture, can talk to anyone!
  • Actually enjoys running and going to the gym...
  • Often bakes yummy treats at home, and when we are lucky she shares them with us.
  • Has her own range of catchphrases
  • Beloved by most of our local, regular customers - often receives gifts!
  • Often dances in the office.



  • Arrives at work long before everyone else 99% of the time
  • Serious cyclist - takes on epic challenges for charity!
  • Often spends his spare time out and about enjoying the countryside on a long dog walk
  • Has a very large collection of "stuff" on and around his desk - lego, gadgets, maps, posters, plants, stationery...
  • Gets cross so rarely that it scares us all a little when he does!
  • Super efficient - somehow manages to do everything much quicker than everyone else.
  • Has been known to take some amazing snaps on his travels.


So there you have it, a little more info about us... Here we all are enjoying a staff outing! 

Team Stationery Geek

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