Make the most of a holiday to Disney by using Stationery Geek's Magical Holiday Planner

Make the most of a holiday to Disney by using Stationery Geek's Magical Holiday Planner

**Guest blog review from Travel Agent and owner of Acomb Travel, Eric Walton**

Who would not visit a Disney Park? Very, very few people. Mention the word 'Disney' and it will put a smile on any ones face!

Over the years, as a travel agent, we have sent countless families and couples to the Disney Parks in Paris, Florida and California. Needless to say Disneyland Paris is such a big attraction for us residing in the UK as we can be there in a matter of hours by means of using the train, flights from local airports or even a short break by coach. There is the flexibility to stay as long as you wish from two nights upwards and the Disney range of hotels suits all pockets.



On entering the Disney parks you will be embraced by a true feeling of happiness as you wander around seeing the happy, smiling faces of people of all ages. Once you have grabbed yourself a map of the park you can set off and visit all the different themed areas of the park. To really cover all that the park has to offer you will need at least a couple of days and believe me it is tiring!!

Through the summer months you can spend up to 12 hours in the parks so imagine 12 hours of non stop fun!!

For people who choose to visit Disney World in Florida it can be more like an endurance test!! As well as the Disney Magic Kingdom there is Epcot, Disney Animal Kingdom, Disney Hollywood Studios and then the two water parks, Disney Blizzard Beach and Disney Typhoon Lagoon.  On an evening you can even visit Disney Springs for entertainment and shopping. 

If you can manage to visit all the Orlando, Florida Disney Parks then you can start on the Universal Resorts which feature Universal Studios and Universal Islands of Adventure and also their water park, Volcano Bay.

All this takes a tremendous amount of planning and as a travel agent we would start initially with all the travel arrangements. Dates would be the most important factor as this can very much determine the overall price.

This is where the 'Magical Holiday Planner' can play an invaluable part of your proposed trip.


Eric and Sam Walton, Acomb Travel

Eric and Sam Walton, Acomb Travel, York

As mentioned before, for Disneyland Paris we can use different modes of transport and we can always compare to see which is going to be the best value. For other Disney Parks then we only have air travel to consider if you are limited to say 2 weeks holiday. You can sail to America on the Queen Mary but that would be part of a tailor made trip which we can do if requested but you would need more time!!

Once you have confirmed your flights and accommodation you can then plan your activities for your stay. The 'Magical Holiday Planner' sets out where you can list your essential rides and also any of the Disney Characters you would love to meet. You can also list any parades you would like to see and experiences you would not want to miss!!



Their is a wide choice of dining opportunities within the parks so again you can list the restaurants which most appeal to you and make appropriate reservations if need be.

Holiday time is of the essence and you can plan each day accordingly so that you maximise your time and fulfil every enjoyable minute.

The 'Magical Holiday Planner' can also act as a diary so you can look back on your return and relive every moment along with plenty of photographs I am sure.

The book is a great idea and really does help us in making sure your arrangements are just what you wanted in order for you to get the very best out of your visit!

Magical Holiday Planner by Stationery Geek, recommended by Acomb Travel, York

**Thank you Eric and Sam for your lovely review!**

***Just a note to say that the Magical Holiday Planner is by no way endorsed or in conjunction with Disney, nor does it mention anything to do with Disney specifically, but it is perfect for planning a trip to Disney or any other similar resorts***

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