GUEST REVIEW - Bloggers Bible

GUEST REVIEW - Bloggers Bible

Caroline Anderson is a Business Consultant based in our home town of York. Amongst many other things she runs her own Consultancy called Business Boots, helping other people with their business and social media needs. She is the only person I've ever met that actually has a qualification in the art of Social Media! So, perfect to review our Bloggers Bible I would say! Here goes:

"The first thing I noticed when receiving my VERY EXCITING mission from Geek HQ was that reviewing the Blogger’s Bible would be no small feat – it is a lovely, big juicy spiral-bound book, with a gorgeous craft brown card cover. It looks amazing even before you open it!

However – upon opening it the gorgeous crafty-ness continues – 12 pages of lovely stickers with social media logos on them to draw your attention to which platforms you are posting on at a glance. A page for each month means that you don’t have to skimp on stickers!

There are useful information pages, including suggested posting times, as well as a page to jot down your login information in case you lose your marbles!

Progressing through the book, there are pages at the start which allow you to work on strategy, and have all months across two pages as an overview, as well as a ‘bikini list’ of possible types of blog, with spaces to add more of your own.

Monthly inspiration

The font throughout the book is friendly and approachable, and the layout certainly makes me feel creative!

Each month then gets its own craft card title page, which you could attach a label or tag of some description to, if you want to go straight to the current month. Beyond the title page we get into the nitty gritty… However you plan your blogs, there will be a tool to help in this book! An inspiration calendar, a brainstorm section, an area to jot down ideas and themes and connections to make, as well as planning competitions/giveaways and of course keeping an eye on your stats across platforms and whether objectives are being achieved. I think that we can all agree that if we knew what worked, we would do more of it, and this easy to use at-a-glance section will certainly make me take note of my wins and anything that isn’t so successful.

The schedule pages look scary at first glance, but the level of detail within them is bang on, allowing you to keep track of what you are blogging, when, where, etc, as well as any follow ups (informing a winner or similar). This really makes sure that each blog can work as hard as possible, and having used my 2017 Blogger’s Bible, will give me a visual reference for review when I start my 2018 one!

I think that depending upon the amount of blogging that you do (there is space for 14 scheduled blogs in each month) then this book may do everything that you need. Possibly a little notebook for jotting down ideas on the hoof might be a great accompaniment, and perhaps a space in the scheduling section to put the filename when blogs are partly written and stored on the computer, but that is just my personal opinion.

Overall I LOVE The Blogger’s Bible, and can’t wait to sit down this afternoon and plan next year’s content!"

If you like the sound of it as much as Caroline does, you can get yours here: Bloggers Bible 2017

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