GUEST BLOG: Using the Crochet Project Bible to create a Amigurumi Valentine bear

GUEST BLOG: Using the Crochet Project Bible to create a Amigurumi Valentine bear

Our latest guest blog comes from the lovely and very talented Dawn of Treacher Creatures. Not only has she written us a brilliant post about using My Crochet Project Bible to create an adorable project, she has also donated the bear featured in the blog! We will be giving away this gorgeous little bear in time for Valentines Day - just watch out for details of our giveaway on our Facebook page

I was thrilled to be asked to write a Blog post to review a copy of, “My Crochet Project Bible.”


As a crochet designer it is a product that I can really make use of. I design Amigurumi creatures and over the 5 years I have been crocheting them I must have designed hundreds. So this handy little bible allows me to plan out my creatures, keep a track of what yarn and other haberdashery supplies I have used and it would keep a record of all my designs so that I can easily go back to recreate one  or just take stock of what I have already designed.


I was asked to use this project Bible to create a special Valentine crochet project, so as I love crocheting bears I couldn't resist designing this little Amigurumi Valentine bear. He is perfect as a gift this Valentines or just for anyone who loves cute.


I could use the Project Bible to draw out my design and how I wanted the final bear to look. Once I had bought the yarn and supplies I needed I could then record these along with the size of crochet hook that I would be using. As my bear is a simple design I have room to draw out the basic Amigurumi body shapes I have crocheted and jot down the basic pattern so that I can recreate this little bear again if I want to or adapt him for a different creature at a later date. The Project Bible is ideal for planning Amigurumi projects as they are small, the patterns are short and simple. Amigurumi creatures are designed in a modular way, with each body part being a basic shape. They are easy to plan, modify and swap around to make an endless array of creatures. Keeping a track of your creatures is easy with this book and a great reference to keep.


Once my bear was finished I also attached a sample of the yarn to the Project Bible so that I could keep track of the colours and brands of yarn that I have used. The notes section would also allow you to comment on this, if for example the yarn you chose was difficult to use or didn't give the result you wanted. When you crochet a lot of creatures it is easy to lose track of what yarn you have used and what worked well. I have drawn the finished creature but you could just as easily attach a photograph of your finished creature here too.


I would recommend this Project Bible to any other lovers of Amigurumi. Happy crocheting.


Dawn has been designing creatures under the name Treacher Creatures for 7 years now and has been crocheting creatures for 5 of those. She is currently very busy writing and illustrating books, but you can find out more about her lovely creations here. She also has an Etsy store, Treacher Creatures - check it out!

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