My Feelings Journal - Kids

by Stationery Geek

Our Feelings Journal for kids is a great tool to use to encourage children to note down how they are feeling, what they might be worried about, if anything has upset them etc, as well as what they are grateful for... with helpful ideas throughout of how they could try to manage their situation, and encourage them to think about how they could help themselves, or if it would be beneficial to speak to a parent / teacher / grown up etc.

They can be used as a great resource to travel between home and school for parents/teachers to see the comments from both settings. Or, to keep it simple, just writing a worry or a concern down can make you feel better about it! 

The book starts with a "cheat sheet" which lists lots of words to help the child really think about how they are feeling, how to express this, and then a list of possible techniques they could use to deal with their worry. There is also some great words and ideas to demonstrate what they are grateful for today, and to encourage them to always find something positive in each day.


Product Weight : 200g

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