My Daily Journal - ADHD Friendly

by Stationery Geek

This journal was created for those of us who need help to keep track of our day-to-day lives. It was originally created as an ADHD aid by a person with ADHD, and all of its features have been created with that in mind, but it can be used by anyone who finds lists and logs helpful!

 This great diary features;

  • Simple, uniform design throughout makes it easy to use without requiring too much brain power
  • Clearly labelled sections for different things you may need to track
  • Suggestions for basic self care tasks, to help you tick off the important stuff every day
  • Simply circle the day’s date to get to the important stuff faster
  • Brain Dump page at the end of every week for noting down important things to carry forward to the next week, or simply for getting out the thoughts clogging up your brain
  • Labelled pages for each day of the week to encourage every day use, but no set dates, so you can stop and come back as you need it with no pressure

All of these wonderful features come together to create one awesome, easy to use daily planner, to help bring order and lower stress.

There is a choice of cover title, you can have "My Daily Journal" which is the standard cover, or you can choose "My Daily ADHD Journal" from the drop down list on the right.

Choose your planner title and cover design when ordering. As always, available in a dyslexia friendly format too.

Product Weight : 200g

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