My Bucket List Book

by Stationery Geek
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 A "Bucket List" is a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime - and what better place to jot them down than in your very own bucket list book!

Full of ideas and inspiration and masses of space for all of your hopes, dreams, ambitions, experiences and achievements there's room for it all and it will last you a lifetime.  A lovely gift that serves as a wonderful memoir as time goes by, with lots of boxes to tick and lots of lists to write it's perfect for a stationery geek!

This versatile book could also be used as a record of things already done, write them in and tick them straight off! A lovely idea for a child to record their "first times" that they can keep going as they grow up.

Printed on a bright white high quality material throughout you can make the book your own with coloured pens and doodles, and insert your own categories if there isn't one to fit your needs, so, what's on your bucket list?

Product Weight : 220g

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