Mini Checklist Board Keyring - with dry wipe pen!

by Stationery Geek

Our full size Checklist Boards are SO popular, we thought we'd introduce the keyring version too! How cute are these!?

Available in Green, Yellow and Blue, the mini checklist board keyrings are great for remembering things while on the go. They come with a fine dry wipe pen for writing in the gaps, which rubs off easily making the board ready to be used again. The check boxes at the side of each item can be flicked to a bullet point, or a cross. 

Attach it to your bag, your keys, your handbag.... it's basically a portable to-do list! 

Also great for kids to help them with their routine, to remember things while at school, to give them a schedule for a trip, the possibilities are endless!

These make a fabulous aid for people with ADHD, helping them to keep track of things, remember what they need, what they have to do or where they have to go - they make a really simple and fun little tool to help with day to day stuff.

The keyrings measure 10cm x 6cm and they have space for 7 items to be written on. The gaps to write in are small, just an FYI, but the pen that I send you with it is a fine liner so, as you can see from the photos, you can fit in what you need to write!