"Get in the Bin" Notepad

by Stationery Geek
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You know all those thoughts you have running around your head like work stuff, kids stuff, personal stuff and everything else in between? You know when you can't focus because there's too much to think about and you just need to get it all out?? THAT'S WHAT THIS PAD IS FOR!

Scribble down all of your current thoughts, make sense of them, deal with them and then put them in the bin! They don't require your headspace any more, you've finished with them; de-clutter your mind by putting your thoughts in the bin!

It's a bit like the saying "a problem shared is a problem halved" - it really can help to write things down; it gives clarity and helps you to organise and prioritise. Give it a go, get your thoughts in the bin!

Pad is A5 size and comes with 50 sheets of varying bins!