Reviews and Recommendations

Stationery Geek reviews, videos and recommendations from our fans and followers!

Sarah from Repeat Crafter Me

---> One of our favourite ever reviews from crochet celebrity Sarah Zimmerman from Repeat Crafter Me - WATCH IT HERE


Fiber Flux

---> The lovely Jennifer from Fiber Flux with an un-boxing review and video - WATCH IT HERE


Creative Grandma ---> Another lovely Youtube video from Glenda at Creative Grandma, reviewing our range of crochet accessories - WATCH IT HERE


Bob Wilson 123 Crochet

---> Crochet guru Bob Wilson 123 reviews our Crochet Bible and accessories - WATCH IT HERE


---> Mummy Reward Chart Review by Jan's Family Notebook - HERE

---> Crochet Bible Review by Mummy of 2 + 1  - HERE

---> Crochet Bible Review by Crochet 24/7 - HERE

---> Bloggers Bible Review by Six Pack Mom - HERE

---> Crochet Bible, Yule Log Book, Bloggers Bible review by Han Plans - HERE

---> Crochet Bible Review by The Stitchin' Mommy - HERE

---> Crochet Bible Review by Left Handed Crocheter - HERE