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A few weeks ago I was browsing social media when a post caught my eye. Someone had posed the question "What object won't exist anymore in 100 years?" and an overwhelming number of people had responded with the same answer. The pen.

 To me, the notion that writing might die out is simply ridiculous. We all know that technology is taking over more and more aspects of our daily life, but it cannot replace the simple act of writing.

 I could rant all day about my dislike for the rise of technology but I shan't at this point, I will just say one thing - it is so impersonal! Handwriting anything is much more personal, much more creative and much more expressive. And, as an added bonus, I've never come across a pen or pencil that suddenly crashes or runs out of battery !

 As you might guess, here at Stationery Geek HQ, we all love... well... stationery! And writing comes hand in hand with that. What would be the point of having lots of lovely notepads, journals and diaries if not to write and scribble in them!

 People (who don't actually know me very well!) are often impressed with how organised I am - but it is all a front. If it weren't for my trusty diary and calendar and all of my lovely scribbly lists I would never be in the right place at the right time and nothing would get done!


As luck would have it, this blog post has been perfectly timed as it is National Stationery Week and there is a huge focus on the importance of writing, and in particular keeping kids writing.

 Luckily for me, getting my little monkey to write has never been a problem. Even from a very young age she has always loved scribbling, drawing and writing (maybe it's genetic?)... Sometimes not even on paper!

Even still, I feel it's important to try to encourage her to develop her skills and to instil a love for writing and all things creative. My approach to this is to provide lots of varied opportunities for Lily to write and express herself. If I asked her to sit and do some writing practise I don't think she would be very enthusiastic, but if it were part of an activity or game she would always be up for it.

Whether it's writing a letter to Santa, filling in a scrapbook (see my previous blog on road testing our school holiday scrapbook!) or scribbling on a white board - writing is good!

 And who wouldn't want to find a little message like this?

If you need a little inspiration to get your children writing, our fab kids writing sets and scrapbooks are available in our web store

Happy writing!

Mel xx

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