Using the Crochet Project Bible to make a Temperature Blanket

What is a Temperature Blanket?

The basic idea behind a temperature blanket is that you choose a colour of yarn to represent different temperatures, you then take the days average temperature and crochet a row per day for a year in the corresponding colour..... this picture should help explain it ;)


I chose to use ten colours, and a temperature range from 0 to 33 degrees, here in the UK that should cover all bases (here's hoping we ever reach 33 degrees lol!) This was a super fun part of the planning, I used my Stylecraft Special Swatch to decide on the best colours to use, and have stuck to more "pastelly" shades rather than the "brights" just to suit my personal taste.


 I have chosen to use Stylecraft Special DK because of the awesome range of colours, it's affordable and I already have a fair bit in my stash! The colours I've chosen are all available from here.

 A good way to find the daily temperature is to use a weather app, I have just used the one that comes with my phone (as below) or you can get an average daily temperature from the BBC Weather website.

 So once I'd planned out my temperatures and colours I plotted it all out in My Crochet Project Bible.... Obviously I took this opportunity to get my colouring pens out too!

So now to begin! The choices are endless for what style of blanket to make - you could do a traditional Granny square and do a round a day, a striped blanket and do a row a day, or you could even make individual squares and join them all at the end of the year, it's entirely up to you! My personal favourite is the simple Granny Stripe which there is a fab pattern for here from Attic 24, it's easy to follow and the picture is below, isn't it amazing?

 And there's no rules as to when your year begins and ends - perhaps you have a new baby grandaughter born on March 3rd and your temperature blanket represents her first year, what an amazing keepsake that would be! Or obviously you could go from January to December - it's all upto you!

 I would suggest an important thing to remember when starting off is "what size do you want your finished blanket to be"?  A row per day is going to give you 365 rows so it could end up enormous if you're not careful!

Another idea I like the sound of (which I also may plot out in my Bible when I have chance!) is a "Weather Blanket" - such as grey for rain, white for snow and so on, you could even have a different stitch for different weather, a white bobble stitch for snow would be amazing! That's a job for another day I think...

 So anyway, if you fancy a bash at a Temperature Blanket and would like to use my colours then please feel free! There is a free download on our website of the image below to help you on your way, and if anyone would like to share any pictures that would be fab!

The full list of colours I've chosen are: Claret/Spice/Sunshine/Citron/Saffron/Spring Green/Aster/Cloud Blue/Sherbert and Silver.

 Happy Crocheting Geeks! Lucy xxx

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Pip Haynes - December 17, 2020

Would love to see pics of your temperature blanket. Planning on making one in 2021.

Morven MacAskill - January 31, 2019

This is perfect to get me started – granted I am a little bit behind, I only learned about this the other day and was debating on if I should do it or not.
Am giving it a go, just got it planned out and now just need to figure out the weather for the past 24 days to get myself started properly.

Patricia - January 21, 2019

You have hit on the same ideas I have had. The weather blanket and the baby keepsake afghan! Great minds think alike! LOL I started my temp blanket from the winter months the end of 2017 thru December, 2018. It will be ok to just throw over my queen bed due to size. I am really behind on it due to health issues but I have kept up with the temps so I can finish it. I have a friend that is expecting this year so I hope to be making her a baby blanket if my health holds out.

Sandra - January 7, 2019

I love this idea and love your colour choice because it’s not too brash as some of them are!

Judy - June 29, 2017

If you crochet a row a day for temputure want would be the best pattern

Wendy Robins - January 4, 2017

This is useful info, thank you. I am just starting my first temperature blanket and am too keeping it logged in my ‘Crochet Project Bible’ (fab little book). I have a little weather station at home but am also referring to (useful to see last years temps to plan ranges for this year). I am crocheting x1 square for each month (in rows, max & min temp, moss stitch) and will then join together in a 3×4 blanket, probably with each square edged. Am using Stylecraft Batik as I feel the colours blend nicely.

Heather Chamberlain - January 4, 2017

We had temperatures of 31, 32 and 33 here in Wales in 2016. Not healthy though!
Wonderful idea I will be doing it. I am a crochet beginner. Last week. Knitted for nearly 50 Years but only now picked up a crochet hook! Ideas for real easy blanket Appreciated!

Adina Ridgeon - January 1, 2017

Wish I had found u sooner. I am admin on a uk temperature blanket group. Explaining in Celsius with my yarn of choice is great.

Hannah - December 21, 2016

As it happens I actually did use my Crochet Bible to keep track of my temperature blanket for 2016. I really don’t think I can do another for 2017 – too many other projects to do lol. I used Wunderground when it came to catching up on temperatures – especially if I’d missed the right time. I often did the Maximum Temperature on that day. I had been buying alot of my wool for the blanket from one shop and they ended up closing the habadashery department part way through this year which did mean that I then had to find another supplier of the same wool.

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