Road testing the "School Holiday Scrapbook"

Road testing the "School Holiday Scrapbook"

Here it is – Lily’s School Holiday Scrapbook!

I have to say, I was pretty pleased to be bringing this home and immediately started to think about when I... no, WE, could start to fill the pages with memories from all of our lovely adventures.  Being a little bit scrapbook obsessed anyway I was fairly certain that I would be the one out of the two of us who would be the most excited about this little project.... well judge for yourself. This is the face Lily pulled when I presented it to her after school!

After a thorough inspection of the book a smile suddenly crept across the little monkey’s face. “Mummy, I can take it to Edinburgh with me!” And that is exactly what happened. And not only did she bring it with her; she sat and filled it in every evening with whatever we had done during that day – no waiting until we got home to put everything together – it’s lucky for her I’m enough of a loser to carry scissors, tape, glue and crayons everywhere I go. (I keep trying to tell myself I’m just being prepared, all mums have a Mary Poppins bag full of everything, surely.)


We found that having the scrapbook really added something to our trip, Lily was really engaged and constantly planning things that she could write about, draw a picture of or even stick onto the pages – she even used some of her own spending money on a postcard she wanted to include!


We honestly had such a lovely time sitting down together at the end of each day to talk about what we had done and what we had both enjoyed before filling in the pages. It also gave madam some decent writing practise which was a bonus! 

On our return, Lily took the book into school to show her class and the teacher pulled me to one side at the end of the day to tell me how impressed he was. This book really has been a gift that kept giving; Lily has had just as much fun showing off her book and telling people about all her holiday memories as she did documenting our travels.

Now that the Easter holidays are almost upon us my little monkey is already getting excited about adding to her book. It turns out this kid is a total scrapbook geek and I couldn’t be prouder!


We would definitely recommend the scrapbook to anyone with kids – it’s such a perfect way to keep the kids amused while creating a lovely keepsake to look back on. The personalised School Holiday Scrapbook is available in the Stationery Geek web store for just £7.49. And it comes with stickers. Everyone loves stickers.


Mel (and Lily) xx

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