Dyslexia Friendly Products!

Dyslexia Friendly Products!

Here at Stationery Geek we strive to be able to provide whatever our customers want and need, and recently this has developed into us making ALL of our products available in a dyslexia friendly style!

A customer contacted us just last week to ask if we could print one of our notebooks on a pale pink paper, rather than our usual white paper. Of course we can! But why....?? Well some people with Dyslexia can find it easier and clearer to read and write on a pastel shade of paper, as white paper can be a bit dazzling.

Notebook with pastel pink pages, compared to white pages

This got us thinking.... printing on pink paper is no problem to us at all, yet it can make a big difference to someone with dyslexia! A quick bit of research online (thank you to the British Dyslexia Association) shows that a few other factors relating to printed products can also help:

  • Paper should be thick enough so the other side doesn't show through
  • Matt paper is better than gloss
  • A cream or a soft pastel colour paper is better than white, although some people also have their own colour preference
  • Plain, evenly spaced fonts are the easiest to read
  • Sometimes a larger font size is also preferable, around 12-14 point is good
  •  Avoid using red and green together
  • Text should be dark, and the background or paper should be light
  • Avoid italics and underlining text - bold is fine to use
  • Block capitals can be hard to read, stick to lower case

All of these points are something we can take into account when we design our products, we want to be inclusive of everyone so taking these things on board and adapting our products to suit is important to us.

So! As of right now, if you would like any of our products printed in our "Dyslexia Friendly" way, just click that option when you order!

We have updated our website to include a "Dyslexia Friendly" option on each product when you order. This option means we will print the product on a cream stock, rather than a bright white stock and it will also be slightly thicker than our standard paper to avoid the other side showing through.

HOWEVER, if you would like a specific colour of sheet (other than cream) just drop us an email with your order and we will print it on any colour you like!

We would love to hear your thoughts on this step we have taken to positively move forward with our offerings - if there is anything we have missed let us know!

 Lucy and the team xxx

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Theo Strong - September 5, 2019

Is the pink paper notebook shown for sale of this website?

Robyn Kermes - October 9, 2018

This is very cool you are the first and only company I have ever seen make these useful accommodations. Look forward to ordering soon.

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