Witchcraft & Wizardry Gift Set

by Stationery Geek
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Our Witchcraft & Wizardry gift set is everything a budding new Witch or Wizard could want! Set them off on the path to witchcraft supremacy with the Book of Spells, Magic and Potions - in here they can design and create their own potion recipes, write their own spells and invent their own weird and wonderful magic.

A set of stickers (also included) can be used within the book to illustrate the ingredients and recipe. Also part of the set are a lovely set of 3 pencils with magical and whimsical engravings, and a fortune teller! Remember those from school? Choose a colour and a number and then fold and flap your way to your fortune! Will you be the champion of the broomstick race or will you be put in detention for turning your professor into a toad?

The set comes with one completed fortune teller, and one that is blank so you can create your own (instructions for folding the fortune tellers is on our YouTube channel).

Personalisation is an option for the front cover, select the option to the right. (So the cover would read, for example, "Ronnie's Book of Spells, Magic and Potions!")