Winning at Life - 12 Month Planner - Yarn Lover's Edition!

by Stationery Geek
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A 12 month planner, for Yarn-a-holics! We've taken our wonderful 12 month Winning at Life planner and given it a yarny twist! So as well as all you need to plan a busy life, be it with work, hobbies or children - this planner also gives you space to schedule in some yarn time, make notes on your patterns and keep a track of all of your WIP's. It's fully customisable so you can add your own titles to lists and notes pages, and using the stickers that come with it you can brighten up the pages too!

Printed on high quality bright white stock throughout with card covers AND frosted polypropylene covers too it's a really sturdy book built to last. It also has an elastic around the front to keep everything tidily inside, and a front and back pocket for your own inserts such as patterns, receipts, post-it notes etc. 

Our "Winning at Life" 12 Month Planner really does have it all! We asked you, our customers, what you looked for in a planner and this is the result!

It seems finding the "perfect planner" is almost impossible, so with our Winning at Life planner you can make it your own, make it work for you and use it in a way that suits you best.

  • Each month starts with a double page spread of lists - title them yourselves so they're perfect for your needs. Then follows a double page spread of notes and doodles, again, without titles, so they can be whatever you want them to be!
  • Our planner does not have printed dates, this means that you can START the planner in any month you like, it means no wasted months and no wasted printing! 
  • The Month Tabs come with the planner for you to stick in yourselves, if you want to.
  • Also included are 4 sheets of A5 stickers, some with icons on to help brighten up your pages, and some blank for you to invent your own. AND a full set of Yarn Ball stickers in every shade of the rainbow you can imagine to brighten up your pages.
  • It doesn't stop there..... you also wanted pockets! So the inside front cover AND the inside back cover both have a pocket to keep hold of your receipts, notes, business cards etc.
  • Durability was important in our research, obviously a 12 month planner needs to last 12 months so we've given it frosted polypropylene covers to make it extra durable.

As if that wasn't enough, you can also order additional sticker packs to use alongside your planner, the options are listed below and the stickers fit perfectly into a time slot, cos we all love stickers don't we?!

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