Test and Trace Companion

by Stationery Geek

The purpose of this book is to help you keep an accurate record of where you go, how you travel, what you wear and who you meet whilst you are away from home during the worldwide Covid 19 pandemic. By keeping a record of the important details for when you are away from home you will be in a much better position to advise Health Workers looking to trace the infection of Covid 19 (the Corona Virus), should you need to.

Also, if you were to hear of someone you had come in contact with was showing symptoms of the virus you will have a definite record of when and where you may have been in contact with that person, as well as who else you met soon afterwards.

Included in the book are all the relevant Government guidelines on what we should and should not be doing at the time of the pandemic, the book aids quick note taking with pages formatted ready to use for each outing, whilst this handy companion will enable you to help yourself and others to stay safe, it can only do so if we also follow the Government rules in place at the time.

Available in two sizes, (A5 is the standard size, A6 is smaller to easily fit in your handbag/pocket) the Test and Trace Companion is designed to use alongside an app on a smart phone, it is not intended as a replacement but it will certainly compliment an app on your phone or computer.

As well as the "Test and Trace"Companion we also have an option of a "Test and Protect" Companion for those in Scotland - just choose which you would like from the drop down list on the right of this page.

Order 5 or more and a 20% discount will automatically be added at the checkout.

10% of proceeds from this book will be donated to a national care workers charity.


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