My Fitness Diary

by Stationery Geek

Designed specifically for those that follow a training programme, enjoy keeping fit, and those working towards their health and fitness goals - My Fitness Diary has space to log:

- Changes in body measurements
- Changes to weight (in both graph and table formats)
- Your targets
- Daily food intake
- Daily workouts
- Supplements
- Water Intake
- Calories
- Weight workouts
- Cardio workouts
- Fitness Class workouts
- Steps (for fitbit users)
- Mood

And much more.... it's a little book with big potential!

My Fitness Diary is A6 and has space for over 6 weeks of daily logging, and upto 3 months weight and body measurment logging. It comes with a discreet front cover, and is bound with a high quality silver wire. Small enough to go in your pocket / gym bag.


Product Weight : 100g

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