Busy Family Calendar - with stickers! (Jan-Dec 2021)

by Stationery Geek
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**We have updated our Family Calendar to include an option to have 4 columns or 6 columns to cater for larger families at no extra cost**

Those of us with kids in school know how hard it can be to juggle everything and remember things from one week to the next, this is where our "Busy Family Calendar" comes in to save the day!

Never forget a Non Uniform Day again, turn up on time at Parents Evening and even remember to attend the school Christmas Play! With hundreds of stickers the Family Calendar will make you super organised!

The calendar is specific to 2021 and you can choose from the options to have either 4 or 6 columns, it is wall hanging and the open size is 30cm x 43cm, each day has room for a sticker plus writing, the stickers fit satisfyingly perfectly in to the spaces!

Our child product testers have loved using the calendar to stick their own stickers on, enabling them to be a bit more involved in remembering things for themselves (well, we can but hope!)

Choose your sticker pack from:

The "Kids Sticker pack" include things like: Party, Birthday, School Trip, Play Date, Friend for Tea, First and Last Days of Term, Parents Evenings and loads more....

The "Grown Up Sticker Pack" has things like Car Insurance Renewal, Bills to Pay, Date Night, Appointments and so on....

Or choose the "Bumper Family Pack" to get both of the above sets combined!


Product Weight : 340

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